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'The Great Gatsby' looks and merchandise

'The Great Gatsby' looks and merchandise

Looks and products from Baz Luhrmann's film "The Great Gatsby" will be popular this summer.

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'Oz the Great and Powerful' premiere

Cast and crew of the Disney fantasy attended Wednesday night's screening at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood.

85th Academy Awards Nominees Luncheon

85th Academy Awards Nominees Luncheon

Oscar Nominees celebrate their nominations together at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. /* Win | Nom...

Grammy Awards 2013: Red carpet

Rihanna, Beyonce, Chris Brown and more music stars strut their stuff on the red carpet before the 55th Grammy Awards in Los Angeles....

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  • Ellen Warren: Celeb fashions getting hard to resist

  • Don't know about you, but I love to hate celebrities.

  • Seeing red: We nail down the best polish

  • Ellen Warren gets testers to try 6 different red nail polishes to find out which was best. Here are the results.

  • Prom night: accessorizing a blush gown

  • Here's how to put together one of this year's trendy prom looks, the blush tone ball gown. Blanca Farber, buyer for Windsor, says, "With this dress, because it's a light tone,...

  • Liking yourself just the way you are

  • You know it's tough out there when fashion and beauty executives think that even a model's body isn't good enough to sell clothes or that a celebrity's natural face isn't up to...

  • DIY facial massage

  • A common plight of the "office athlete" — whose sport entails sitting for hours staring at a computer — is facial pain brought on by long bouts of reading, screen glare...

  • Ellen Warren: Is the heat melting your fashion sense?

  • We've all been there. We're walking around, minding own business and then — ewwww.

  • Ellen Warren: Work wardrobes that won't break the bank

  • Your clothes (and your legs) are letting you down? No problem. You've got questions … I've got answers.

  • Ellen Warren: The right wedding wear

  • "What are you going to wear?"

  • Ellen Warren: Taking clothes shopping to new heights

  • For the first time ever, I felt the same way my friend Kristin Samuelson usually does when she goes shopping.

  • Ellen Warren: A cap and gown tutorial for graduates

  • Don't sweat it. Answer Angel has you covered on how to look great at graduation, fabulous in your jeans and so much more.

  • When it comes to clothes, the best-dressed have got it made

  • On any given day, in downtown lofts, Santa Monica ateliers and dozens of studios across Los Angeles, dressing rooms are filled with men and women who are slipping into suits,...

  • Six signs of spring

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